We'll deep dive into your strategy.
Find a specialist in your niche.
You hiring within 10-15 days.
Switch, if not a mach.

Lets find you a marketer
Finding a marketer is a real headache. There's always the risk of missing the mark on skills, wasting time and budget.

So, how do you make sense of it all? You don't have to.
Our match is based
on skills and your strategy
Choosing across 25 specialisations through our database. Pre-vetted.
3-10 days before first meet.
We've made an AI-driven service that matches you with vetted candidates based on their skills.

Try the AI-assistant now
Voldemark will fill you in on who you need and where to scout for them.
Hey there, I'll clue you in on the kind of marketer you need and hit you up with the contacts.
Phase I

  • We'll interview your crew to get the strategy.
  • Describe the marketer ideal profile.
  • Bullet-list must-have skills.
  • Write down a job description.
  • Pull together a pool of candidates.

Phase II

  • Matching candidates with the role
  • Interviewing and skill-testing them
  • Showing a shortlist of best ~7 candidates (from ~40)
  • You choose the best and conduct the final one-to-one.
  • Nobody fits in two month? You get cash back.
  • You have two month to adjust the search or even start from scratch
Get Your Marketer, Guaranteed
Our team targets the ideal marketer quickly.
From zero to hero in your office in just 10-15 days
Result: you’re introduced to the top picks

  • We streamline the process to get strong candidates through boring steps
  • AI analytics ensure only those with the requisite competencies make the cut
  • With minimal calls required, candidate info is provided in text.
  • Focusing on relevance, candidates present how they will address your specific tasks rather than recounting their biographies.
Product Marketing
Alina K
Romantic AI App
B2C SaaS
Who We're Matching You With
Who We're Matching You With
We're on the lookout for marketing, product, and sales aces—from middle+ level pros right up to full-time CMOs or open to part-time roles. And let's not forget about the consultants ready to dish out the wisdom you won't find just scrolling through blogs.
Alina K
Product Marketing Manager / ex-Sber / Romantic AI App
Dmitriy K
СМО / B2B SaaS / ex-Tooba
Dmitriy Ch
CMO / EdTech / Product marketing
Daria Fisher
Product Marketing / Edtech / Тексты
Ilya Belov
Трафик / Influence / Product marketing
Christina Kim
Marketing Lead / PR / W-clinic
Antony Kamenitskiy
Трафик / Digital Marketing / EN
Research markets and audiences.
Develop online strategies and sales funnels.

Digital Marketers
From $18 000/year
From $20 000/year, parttime
Analyze products, customers, and markets.
Increase sales and enhance service.
Product Marketers
Advance services to the business audience,
Set up CRM and personalize every customer interaction.
B2B SaaS Marketing Managers
From $20 000/year
From $20 000/year
Lead social media campaigns,
build communities, and drive sales.
Unsure who you need?
Ask our AI-bot: It determines the marketer type, calculates their salary, and drafts the vacancy.

From $18 000/year
Content Marketing Managers
Plus Over 20+ Types of Marketers
Create strategies and expedite their execution.
Lead and manage teams.
Chief Marketing Officers
Cut your search costs by 70%.
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What tasks to set in the job description and what to focus on for a quick and accurate employee search.
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